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Tomb Raider

While the picture I’ve got here suggests I’m writing about the original version of Tomb Raider, the one I’ve just played was the remastered version on the PS5. In essence though, it is the same game. You can even press the start button and the graphics immediately shift into the more pixelated world of the … Continue reading “Tomb Raider”

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Hogwarts Legacy

This is a big game. It’s a game built upon a franchise that weilds tremendous power. And the concept of the game is ambitious – an open world Harry Potter RPG. And yet, I have heard relatively little talk over it. Hence the reason I was tentative in giving it a go in case it … Continue reading “Hogwarts Legacy”

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Alan Wake 2

I played the first Alan Wake when it came out many years ago and quickly gave up on it. Repetitive and weird were my take homes on that one. I also played Control (a game set within the same universe as Alan Wake) and managed to finish it albeit having found it to be equally … Continue reading “Alan Wake 2”

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Ghost of Tsushima

Been holding off this one for a long time but after too many people gave it good reviews I finally succumbed. In some ways I wish I hadn’t. There is no doubt that this is a thoughtful, beautifully realised world that they have created. The combat in this game is a real strong point and … Continue reading “Ghost of Tsushima”

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Resident Evil 4

Everyone seemed to have been going a bit mad over this game so I thought I would jump in. I never played the original so I was fresh to this remake. I enjoy resident evil games for their story exposition and puzzling features. The horror and suspense get me when the enemies are rationed and … Continue reading “Resident Evil 4”

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This is a hell of a scary game. I mean some actual jump and screaming out loud moments. Your character finds himself in a sort of haunted house setting but soon, reality starts shifting around him and it becomes clear there is an evil entity against which he must resist.  The setting and atmosphere is … Continue reading “Madison”

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Final Fantasy VII remake

Full disclosure up front, the original Final Fantasy VII is probably my favourite game (Last of Us runs it close). The remake is therefore something I was extremely anxious about. I could write an entire essay on this game but will try to be concise.  I was disappointed with this game. Not hugely so as … Continue reading “Final Fantasy VII remake”

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Days Gone

This is the first video game review I’ve done, but I will go back and cover the games I’ve played in the recent past.  Days Gone is by no means the best game I’ve played but having said that the critical review it received when it came out was, in my opinion, very harsh. It … Continue reading “Days Gone”

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