Last Murder at the End of the World

I am a big fan of Stuart Turton after reading his previous two excellent books. While excellently plotted, written, paced and imagined, I also liked the settings of his two previous books.

This one begins in a sort of dystopian, post apocalyptic world which is at odds with the cosy country mansion or the closed environment of a sailing ship that made for such good reading last time.

It gave off a vibe reminiscent of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake which I didn’t get on with. However, Turton’s expert imagination and execution brought me back, perhaps not to where I was with his previous works but still to the point where I would still say this is a strong novel.
Mystery surrounds the characters who live on this island, each with the same voice in their head, speaking to and guiding them. All the while a strange mist of plague like insects begins to close in on them, triggering a race against time to get to the bottom of the complex mystery behind it all.

Often with this sort of thing, the end point to which everything races can feel anti-climactic when the reader gets there but this is not the case here I don’t think. Well worth a read, but not his best. 

NB – Very cool ‘post credits’ bit at the end that’s worth reading for Turton fans.

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