The Cold War

I picked this up at Dover castle with all the historical enthusiasm of the day still racing through my veins. Since then, it has sat on my book shelf with a foreboding air about it. Before I read it, I worried that I’d gone and picked a stuffy inaccesible and out of date and therefore obselete tome. 

This was written in 2005 and rather than detract from the experience, it actually gave an excellent and unbiased history of the cold war up until its supposed end without the potentially altering context of recent history. The declaration in the prologue that all its troubles were long gone was particularly eye opening and interesting. While the author got that wrong, the rest of it is exceptionally well written. I had braced myself for a rather boring and overly detailed account. Quite the opposite. It is not too long and gives some excellent concise insights into the main events of the cold war, along with some more far reaching observations about how we deal with significant events that we live through.

If you know nothing about the cold war, probably not for you, but if you know the basics, then it builds and adds depth to the whole debacle. A really good read.

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