Tomb Raider

While the picture I’ve got here suggests I’m writing about the original version of Tomb Raider, the one I’ve just played was the remastered version on the PS5. In essence though, it is the same game. You can even press the start button and the graphics immediately shift into the more pixelated world of the original.

I played this game back in the day, and playing it now evokes a strange sort of nostalgia. Even though Tomb Raider has become an enormous story telling franchise, the game really doesn’t tell much of a story at all. It is all gameplay.

Even though now it can seem a bit tedious and clunky compared to the slicker, more conveniently set up games we play now, it is still a cracking game. The puzzles are decent, though not a hair on the ones from games like resident evil. Without this, we wouldn’t have games like Uncharted. 

It’s just a mindless, meditation of a game that carries a huge amount of nostalgia with it and although I was happy to finish it by the end, I had fun. And that’s the whole point at the end of the day.

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