This is Your Brain on Music

This is a book about the neurological basis for our understanding, enjoyment and ability in playing and listening to music. The author is a neuroscientist with a past in music production so is probably as well placed as anyone to write something like this.
There were parts of it that I found interesting but it was extremely technical in places and a little dry. Not quite what I was after. There are, I’m certain, dryer and more techinical books out there, but even so I was a little disappointed. More to the point, I’m not certain I really actually learnt much in reading it. Yes, there were a few interesting sections on perfect pitch and how musicians tend to respond to the unexpected but he does go round the houses on subjects at times and writes in too much detail on paths already fairly well trodden. And it also seems to double as a fairly in-depth music theory text book which was a bit tiresome if I’m honest. I think perhaps it lost its sense of purpose and direction at points.

Not the worst book on music I’ve read, but certainly nowhere near the best.

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