The Lost City of Z

This sort of thing is my bag. Late 19th Century, early 20th Century. Explorers going to places yet to exist on maps. Mystery. Intrigue. A hint of conspiracy. It’s got all of the above.

This is a journalist tale of the so-called ‘last of the Victorian explorers’ and charts the escapades of Percy Fawcett who held an obsession for finding evidence of a lost civilisation deep within the Amazon. If you’ve been following archeological news recently, you’ll know how timely this read was. Either way, it’s a superbly written account of the life and times surrounding this interesting character.

They made a film which I have thus far avoided so as not to ruin the experience of the book. Its author, David Grann, went on to write Killers of the Flower Moon and The Wager, both of which you can expect to pop up on this blog sooner or later. I will be rationing them as this is a writer who does books well and seems to pick topics on which I have a particular interest.

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