Hogwarts Legacy

This is a big game. It’s a game built upon a franchise that weilds tremendous power. And the concept of the game is ambitious – an open world Harry Potter RPG. And yet, I have heard relatively little talk over it. Hence the reason I was tentative in giving it a go in case it bitterly disappointed.

It did not disappoint. In fact I was genuinely surprised at how good it is. One of my main concerns was that it would be too cosmetic, without much depth. In fact it is incredibly varied and thoughtful with huge detail and practical texture to the world in which your character moves about. For example, the various puzzle side quests are fun and provide a distraction from the main quests that are just far removed enough to provide something interesting.

The combat is fun although my only criticisms would be the fact it can get a tad repetitive and is a bit easy. I had to set it to hard mode quite early which I pretty much never do!

I liked the way they used the spells and the broomstick is fun to pilot around the well-realised Hogwarts area. Hogwarts itself is the real highlight and it is vast, with nooks and crannies that still pop up on you even late in the game.

This is a really good solid game. If I had to put my finger on why it isn’t shouted from the rooftops ad finitum, I would struggle to be specific. Only that the story and the characters within just don’t quite hit the mark. The story is alright but nothing special. As such, the world just doesn’t seem quite as magical and enthralling as it might do. In retrospect, the developers might have opted for a set main character rather than a customisable one. I called mine Twisty McNobbins, so perhaps some of the fault lies with me, but still.

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