Resident Evil 4

Everyone seemed to have been going a bit mad over this game so I thought I would jump in. I never played the original so I was fresh to this remake. I enjoy resident evil games for their story exposition and puzzling features. The horror and suspense get me when the enemies are rationed and well utilised. 

I also like the mansion house type settings, full of documents and environmental story telling. 

None of that really features in RE4 which is probably why I hadn’t played it until now. Don’t get me wrong, it was ok but it was essentially still a shooter which I waded through dutifully, feeling the odd fleeting moments of satisfaction after killing certain bosses but ultimately with it all feeling a bit hollow. 

Clearly loads of people enjoyed this. I do wonder how many people actually enjoyed this as opposed to those who maybe enjoyed it because psychologically they felt they should enjoy it given the hype. Give me a more atmospheric, measured and plausible horror game any day; one with depth and intelligence and that doesn’t rely on the fantastical and the bizarre.

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