Ghost of Tsushima

Been holding off this one for a long time but after too many people gave it good reviews I finally succumbed. In some ways I wish I hadn’t. There is no doubt that this is a thoughtful, beautifully realised world that they have created. The combat in this game is a real strong point and is fun and satisfying. It quickly however, becomes quite repetitive. The world map is vast and there are long rides on a clunky horse to get from one place to the next with very little depth within that world to satisfy one’s curiosity. 

Red Dead redemption 2 has large areas to ride through but it works because you really feel part of the world and there is realism, variety and depth throughout, giving every patch of seemingly empty space through which one rides the potential to bring with it something new or useful. Ghost of Tsushima, for all its merits, is not remotely in the same league. Perhaps it is unfair to compare the two games with RDR2 being, in my opinion right up there as a modern masterpiece. 

But I found myself quite early on resolving to just do what is necessary to move the story on so that I could finish the game and put if behind me. By any measure, that is not the sign of a game I would say I enjoyed. Many will disagree with me on this and I respect that. Like I said, it has many good features and its attempt to be different with the Haikus and meditations are to be commended but ultimately, it was not a game that worked for me. 


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