Days Gone

This is the first video game review I’ve done, but I will go back and cover the games I’ve played in the recent past. 

Days Gone is by no means the best game I’ve played but having said that the critical review it received when it came out was, in my opinion, very harsh. It is a good game and an ambitious one. On the face of it, an open world zombie game set in North America is not very unique. Look deeper though and you will find game mechanics and levels of playability that belie the outward cliché.  

It’s a long game, probably too long. The first half is slow and it doesn’t feel as if much progress is being made. If you persevere however, you will be rewarded. I liked the voice acting and the difficulty and the strategy element involved in taking out large hordes of zombies (Freakers). I loved the environment  – I’m a sucker for the pacific northwest. Marks off for a story diluted with fetch quests and a missed opportunity for more depth and structure. The finale didn’t quite hit the mark for me. 

All of that said, I’d love there to be a sequel. I think the premise has potential. While I was sort of waiting for it to end initially, once I was past that midway point things no longer felt like a slog, and I settled into it. Fun. Tense in places, reasonably challenging and a game I would recommend.  

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