Ready Player Two

This book has taken me a couple of years to pick up, not in small part due to my trepidation in light of the negative reviews. Ready Player One is one of my favourite books of all time and I desperately didn’t want it ruined by reading a shoddy sequel. Having read Ernest Cline’s appalling ‘Armada’, I was worried that this would be of a similar quality. Hence its long stay on my shelf, untouched. 

However, for whatever reason I went for it and I was massively relieved to find it was actually really good. I disagree with those who say it was terrible. I thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through. Back to the same geeky adventures from the first book. It’s not as groundbreaking of course as the first book but still, I don’t think it deserved the panning it received. 

If pushed to describe in just two words… comfort read. 


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