Snow, Dog, Foot

An intriguing book, translated from Italian. This was gifted to me and can be read in an evening. I am no connoisseur of translated works but it seems to me they have done a marvellous job. The story itself is good. It charts the descent of a mountain man into dementia or madness over a winter, all in the presence of his dog. As things progress the dog becomes more and more human while the man changes in quite the opposite way and is a reflective account of humanity. Glad I read this.  


William Boyd is one of my favourite authors and so I was always going to give this one a read. As always he writes brilliantly. His prose is concise and seemingly effortless. The story in this case is not really very tangible however. It is a series of events in three people’s lives rather than an actual cohesive ‘story’ as such. Most would not be able to get away with this but his reflective way of writing helps get this over the line. Not his best by any means.