Lessons from the Edge

I’ve always loved natural history TV and tales of exploration and hence I thoroughly enjoyed the Steve Backshall series ‘Expedition’. During that series, he has Aldo Kane along for the ride and turns out he is a very interesting and likeable chap also. 

I devoured this one in a day or so. It’s a nice account of his life and quite inspiring. In parts, a little depressing but only because Kane quite rightly highlights the dire straights our natural world is in and the inherent political machinery in place that makes it feel as if to fight that is all in vain. However, the more people that read this the better if only to raise awareness. I guess that’s all one can do. 

In another life, I’d love to think I might have gone down the adventuring route so by following the likes of Kane, I get to do that vicariously. Cool job. Good guy. 


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