A Life on Our Planet

This is a really special book. It can be read in an afternoon and in my opinion, it should be read by literally everybody. It’s importance cannot be overstated. 

The book itself is premium hardback and it even has a little string page divider which I thought was worth a mention! The real quality however is in the content and, although it is nothing I wasn’t really already aware of, the writing is concise and hits all the right points clearly and convincingly without obfuscating the matter. 

The words are double spaced (maybe 1.5?!) which makes it really easy to read, it’s excellently illustrated and all of the above must have been by design. This is a book with a message to be made available to as broad a cohort of people as possible. I hope people read it. 

It should be compulsory reading at schools but also should be read every year by everyone. We need reminders every once in a while and this book is, as Attenborough himself eludes to, his ‘witness statement’. More than a non-fiction book, it is a document. A vital manual for us all. 

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