Here is my blog. I have been doing this on and off for a while now. Its purpose is to display anything and everything that interests me in the hope it might interest some others as well.

Primarily, I would like to focus on the trials and tribulations involved in writing a novel. My own novel, tentatively named ‘On the Shoulders of Men’, is finished!

It deals with a version of our own future in which years of over-population and pandemics of antibiotic resistance have changed everything. It is a world in which historical over-reliance on medication means that one must now take Solution just to stay alive.

With sprinklings of dystopia along with hints of both a thriller and a science fiction, it is told through the eyes of a boy named Joshua and follows his journey into adulthood, where the reader is drawn into a meditation on humanity’s right to exist. I don’t think it has ever been more relevant than now! Its link to the current Covid 19 Pandemic is clear but it is also a reflection on our current political climate, our problems with fake news and our struggle with things like climate change. Essentially the world in which the novel takes place is an example of our failure to mitigate the negative consequences of our advancements.

While I blog about other medical related topics, I will occasionally update on the next step – that of finding a literary agent! If there are any good ones reading this, rest assured I’m your guy! (Honest)

Anything else taking my fancy is never off the table. Think music, pop culture, science, video games and nature –  I have a fairly broad set of interests (not to be confused with a particular set of skills a la Liam Neeson). I’ll post a list of the books I read along with a short review of each one. Look out for videos and audio of any music I record and, who knows, you may even get to hear the joke I made up about the CIA. It’s world class.

So if this all tickles your fancy, follow me on instagram and twitter and on this blog to subscribe to all of the updates.