Welcome to my blog! 

Whatever quirks of fate have brought you here, thank you for reading even this far. I am a man. My shoe size is UK size 8-9 (the length is far shorter but the width is off the scale making my football boots turn up at the toes like elf shoes and rendering my feet essentially square-shaped.) 

I created this blog to serve as a platform for some of my interests and as a way to document the things that I enjoy. 

I have an eclectic set of interests, a bit like a poor man’s Bill Bailey (the man seems to be able to do everything; I too am a jack of all trades but, where Bailey is a master of several, I am a master of none.)  Here, you will find general blog pieces on whatever takes my fancy along with book reviews, medical articles and more. By day I am a doctor (hence the medical articles, which I write fortnightly for the local newspaper) but outside this I have  other projects that keep me busy. One such project is just beginning to take shape. Check out the ‘Music Project’ page to see what I am getting up to – I’m pretty excited about this one!

As you can see from the picture above, I love a good book and so hopefully the book review page will be fairly self explanatory. Whenever I read a book, I will give it a brief review whether I like it or not and post it on here. Maybe a good place to look if you’re looking for inspiration for your next read?

Writing a novel has been a big target for a long time and I have managed to get one under my belt (‘On the Shoulders of Men’). Despite trying my best to get it noticed, it has been met with resounding silence from agents and publishers alike. I hope in the future to be able to demonstrate extreme smugness towards those that have previously passed when I finally write my masterpiece. In the mean time, I have tried my hand at some short stories which are variously entered into a few competitions at the moment so we’ll see how they do. In the mean time, if there are any literary agents out there then, rest assured, I’m your guy. (Honest).

While the novel may not be published, I have managed to get another book out there in physical form – a collection of my medical columns entitled Health Notes: A GP’s Miscellany. You can pick up a copy here… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Health-Notes-Miscellany-Will-Hearsey/dp/B08NYGKMM2

If none of that takes your fancy, hold on! Have a look at my blog page for some random travel articles and general musings. Everything is fair game here from posts about scuba diving, gaming, current affairs, wild camping and trips to haunted hotels. Above all, if this all tickles your fancy (I fail to see how it couldn’t), follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and on this blog to subscribe to all of the updates.